About Us

The IntegraWay team is an experienced partner in the supply and production of workwear and personal protective equipment. In 2017, Shenzhen IntegraWay Co., Ltd was founded in mainland China, and now our company engaged in direct exports from China and manufacturing own brand products “IntegraWay”.

Our employees have more than 10 years work experience with Chinese factories, who produce of workwear and PPE. Our company's mission is to provide our partners with the opportunity to get the products, which they want with optimal and favorable terms.


  • Overalls, jackets, robes, vests.
  • Snow spikes for shoes from China wholesale, various modifications.
  • Trousers, quilted jackets.
  • Gloves, leggings, gloves, sleeves.
  • Helmets, working hats.
  • Hearing protection and ear plugs.
  • Masks, half masks, respirators, gas masks.
  • Safety glasses, face shields.
  • Footwear, shoes, rubber boots.
  • Protection for work at height, ropes, cables, insurances, leashes, etc.
  • Overalls for bodyguards and security guards.
  • Uniforms for the medical staff, catering, social services.

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