Disposable medical gown

Brand: IntegraWay
Product Code: MG000001
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Disposable medical gown

Surgical gowns are a special type of medical clothing that is an integral part of any employee of a medical institution, allowing them to comply with all the necessary standards of sanitation and hygiene.

This gown is made of non-woven fabric, which greatly enhances its ability to resist the penetration of germs and liquids.


Material: SMS, SMMS, spunbond, laminated polypropylene
Material color: Blue, white, pink, yellow
Density of the material: 25-60 g / sq.m.
Dimensional grid of robes: XL (140 * 110 cm), XXL (140 * 120 cm), XXXL (160 * 140 cm), where the first number is the girth, the second is the length of the dressing gown.
Attachment method: tie at the back
Sleeve: elastic or cuff

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