IntegraWay PPE Trade Group Co. Ltd. - Our company specializes in wholesale clothing from China, directly from the manufacturers.

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  • - Overalls, jackets, robes, vests.
  • - Snow spikes for shoes from China wholesale, various modifications.
  • - Trousers, quilted jackets.  
  • - Gloves, leggings, gloves, sleeves.  
  • - Helmets, working hats.  
  • - Hearing protection and ear plugs.  
  • - Masks, half masks, respirators, gas masks.  
  • - Safety glasses, face shields.  
  • - Footwear, shoes, rubber boots.  
  • - Protection for work at height, ropes, cables, insurances, leashes, etc.  
  • - Overalls for bodyguards and security guards.  
  • - Uniforms for the medical staff, catering, social services.
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